About Us

Today’s therapeutics are often ineffective in treating life-changing diseases due to the complex and individual nature of the microbiome.

At BioCorteX we have the knowledge and the tools to change that.

Our advanced simulation engine, combined with our extensive knowledge graph, generates valuable insights that enable us to develop sophisticated therapeutics that consider the unique differences among human populations.

Our Toolkit

Positively changing the future of drug development, worldwide

Carbon KnowledgeTM

Carbon Knowledge has the most extensive and varied knowledge graph of microbiome samples in existence. It consists of millions of organic microbiome samples carefully selected from over 165 geopolitical regions and representing diverse populations worldwide.

Carbon MirrorTM

Using advanced applied physics and computer science, Carbon Mirror can test the mechanistic link between the varied microbiome and the different treatment responses in silico, and use this information to develop positive changes in future treatments.                                                                            

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BioCorteX in practice

A unique approach
to therapeutic delivery
BioCorteX takes a unique approach to therapeutic delivery by considering three layers of interactions between drugs and bacteria:

The direct effect of drug-bacteria metabolism,

the indirect effect of bacteria on host physiology,

and the local effects in specific tissues, like the tumour microbiome.